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We offer a range of traditional handmade biscuits;  crumbly with a hint of almond and available in 4 different flavours, they are our own "Borminelli".


Classic Borminelli

Made with wheat flour, almonds, milk, eggs, sugar and natural flavourings.

Buckwheat Borminelli

Made with a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour, almonds, butter, milk, eggs, sugar, salt, yeast and vanilla.

Chocolate Borminelli

Also made with buckwheat, wheat flour, almonds, butter, milk, sugar, salt, yeast, vanilla and lots of dark chocolate chips.

Fruits of the forest Borminelli

Buckwheat, wheat flour, almonds, butter, milk and sugar, with the tangy flavour of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.


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