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Fresh pastries every day

Our years of experience and continuous experimentation with flavours and raw ingredients enable us to make authentic fresh pastries that surprise and delight without betraying tradition.

You can find profiteroles, cream horns, mini cream and fruit tarts, mini Sacher Torte and various other Italian pastries of all sorts of flavours and consistencies.  We take a lot of care in decorating our products, because you taste food first with the eyes, then with the palate.

Chocolates filled with soft ganache.

We take a lot of care when working with chocolate, a delicate, complex product that can take any form the imagination can dream up. We make delicious chocolates filled with soft coffee, pistachio, almond and hazelnut ganache, as well as with local liqueurs Braulio and Taneda.

Chocolate also pairs well with candied fruit. Try our chocolate and fruit skewers and chocolate covered citrus peel.

Natural, high quality ingredients.

Quality comes first

In the centre of Bormio, via 4 Novembre